Crazy Tiny Square Snare Kit

This is my newest crazy drum kit. The bass drum is a 14" X 9" drum from a kid's kit. I stripped the hardware and wrap, refinished the wood, and put it back together. I used a coated head for the batter side. The drum was given to me.

The snare drum is made from a cheap wooden box that I picked up at a thrift store for 75 cents. I sanded it, stained it and varnished it. The bass drum is sitting on a wire basket that I payed 75 cents for at the thrift store.

A friend sold me the bass head for $2.50. I used about one dollar's worth of stain, finish and sandpaper. The hi-hat stand is from a Ludwig child's kit. The hi-hats were given to me.

The bass pedal is my old trusted Pearl pedal. Total cost for this kit: 5 American dollars. The snare sounds super dry and is very similar to a cajon. There are no snare wires in it, but it sounds like a snare! The bass drum is deep toned, but I had to muffle it to get the proper bass tone.

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